Our Curriculum

Provide Effective Individualized Teaching

The ACE is designed to provide easy access to applied behavior analytic procedures targeting over 1,300 skills.  All lessons can be customized to meet your learner's individual needs in the areas of:

  • Discrimination, Communication, Social, Academic, Self-Help, Community, Vocational, and Leisure Skills
  • Customizable teaching procedures including Discrete Trial, Task Analysis, Incidental Teaching, and Video Modeling
  • Video demonstrations
  • Data sheets and related materials such as pictures or worksheets
  • Lessons designed to maximize independence and promote generalization 
  • Measurable goals
  • This valuable teacher resource increases efficiency and decreases redundancy

The brief lesson plan contains the most critical components for implementing the lesson and data collection blocks all on one page to help streamline your classroom materials. Detailed lesson plans are also available for more comprehensive information about the program.

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