An Educational Prescription for Individuals with Autism

The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE) is the culmination of over 35 years of research and practice conducted at The New England Center for Children (NECC), a leader in the fields of ABA and autism. The ACE provides an interactive database containing assessment tools, lesson plans, teaching materials, and student performance reports for over 1,300 skills drawn from the curriculum used at NECC.

The ACE is designed to provide teachers, administrators, and other school professionals with easy access to applied behavior analytic procedures and an effective and efficient way to aggregate and understand student performance data. Every lesson plan within the ACE can be customized to the learning profile of the individual student being taught. Thus, this web-based curriculum fills an enormous need for an easy-to-access, comprehensive and rigorously tested resource allowing teachers and schools to provide effective and individualized services to their students.



Our assessments provide teachers and service providers with a clear indication of where to begin instruction and how to motivate learners.

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The ACE provides the tools which guide teachers to design and implement highly effective, individualized curricula.

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Data & Reporting 

Quickly and easily evaluate student performance for a single learner or look at progress across groups of learners.

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Challenging Behavior

The ACE provides teachers and service providers with tools for monitoring challenging behavior.

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We share your commitment to delivering appropriate, effective education in a minimally restrictive setting. Our curriculum has been helping learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders for over 35 years.

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About NECC

The New England Center for Children (NECC) is an internationally recognized school for autism treatment and education. 

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About Autism 

A comprehensive high quality, individualized curriculum taught by qualified teachers can lead to increased independence and success of people with autism.

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News & Events
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