Tools for Assessing Your Learners

Core Skills Assessment - Where Do We Begin?


Core Skills reports can be used to identify annual education goals and compare performance across years.

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The Core Skills Assessment targets a set of 52 foundational skills necessary for higher-level learning and independent functioning for all individuals with autism regardless of age or ability levels.  This direct assessment is designed to be used with children who cannot otherwise be easily assessed with standardized tools.

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ACE Skills Assessment - Beyond the Core Skills

The ACE Skills Assessment is an indirect evaluation of all skills within the ACE curriculum scope and sequence.  It helps narrow the range of teaching targets for each student based on their abilities (beyond the core skills) and tracks performance over time.

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Preference Assessment


Preference assessment graphs are easy to create and help you quickly find reinforcers for your learner.

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Discovering items, activities, or events to use as potential reinforcers is crucial when teaching learners with autism.  Our Preference Assessment Module provides resources for finding ways to motivate your learners.  

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