Our History

Over 35 Years of Excellence in Autism Education

The ACE was developed by our expert staff at The New England Center for Children (NECC).  For over 35 years, NECC has been dedicated to transforming the lives of children with autism through education, research, and technology. NECC is a leader in providing effective, evidence-based educational services for children with autism and their families. NECC uses applied behavior analysis (ABA) which has been shown to produce substantial benefits for many children with autism.  At the heart of ABA is the belief that educational curricula for children with autism should be based on empirically established and scientifically reviewed evidence, not just theory. The approaches to academics, life skills, communications, and social interaction that are used in the NECC curriculum have all been validated by rigorous study.

For too many children and families, Southborough, Massachusetts is an unreachable destination. Additionally, NECC's campus is operating at/near its capacity. Given the depth and breadth of the need for effective individualized autism education, the internet offers a unique opportunity for The New England Center for Children to work with school systems, teachers, families, and students far distant from our suburban Boston campus. NECC has developed the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE) a web-based toolkit providing special educators with an evidence-based program to assess, teach, and evaluate students with autism.  Click here to view some important milestones in the development of the ACE.

Development of the ACE is an iterative process. The ACE is used by all NECC students, and so formative program evaluation is at the heart of all we do. We have a unique opportunity to refine our content based on research conducted at the Center as well as candid feedback from our staff, students, and families. The ACE has been shown to be a highly effective teaching tool with a range of individuals and in a variety of settings, from two-year-old children receiving early intervention at home, to students in day and residential programs at NECC and other private schools, to students in public school systems. The ACE is an evolving resource and NECC is committed to continuing its development in order to ensure that it provides the best platform to improve the education offered to the thousands of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders across our nation. We share your commitment to delivering appropriate, effective education in a minimally restrictive setting, and we look forward to partnering with you in this endeavor.