Parents are the Best Advocates for their Child, and an Integral Part of any Child's Educational Team. 


Before the ACE Program, his only coping tools were the weapons of curse words, hitting, pushing, and spitting. What the program did was to confiscate those weapons and replace them with tools. The tools of language,…We are so, so fortunate that he is in the best program for him, one where he continues every day to learn how to better communicate and express himself….giving [my son] the tools he needs to define his world and live a good life, and we literally cannot thank them enough.
~ Parent

The ACE is currently not available for parent purchase. It is designed to be implemented or overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. If you would like to see the ACE used in your school or by your consultant please share our website and information with your school's Director of Pupil Services, your school based BCBA or your consulting organization.

Parent input can often have an impact on the choices made by the educational team. Suggesting the ACE be added to your son or daughter's educational package can help support the BCBAs and special educators whose hard work is already making a difference for your child.

The addition of the ACE will:

  • Provide a framework from which your child's professional team can work
  • Ensure educational consistency
  • Help support data based decision making
  • Support school staff in providing feedback to families through the ACE graphing and reporting systems

If you would like to see your son or daughter being taught using the premier, online educational system for students diagnosed with autism, please print our brochure or encourage your school to contact us at:


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