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The ACE is the only comprehensive online educational system created by BCBAs for BCBAs. In addition to the most customizable curriculum bank in the industry, the ACE supports entry into the curriculum through the Core Skills Assessment (CSA), our foundational skills assessment. Ongoing data review and curriculum modification based on student progress is best practice in education. The ACE educational system provides BCBAs with the tools to review student data and make curriculum modifications in a user friendly, time saving manner.

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BCBAs need curriculum that incorporates key components from learning research in applied behavior analysis, including research that has been conducted here at The New England Center for Children. The ACE curriculum bank will help BCBAs save time by eliminating the need to recreate lesson plans. This increased efficiency will allow BCBAs to focus on other aspects of their job. Our lesson plans contain everything you would expect to see in an educational system designed by BCBAs including:

  • Over 1300 lesson plans
  • Fully customizable lessons
  • Quickly searchable curriculum database

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Core Skills Assessment

The ACE includes our acclaimed assessment, the Core Skills Assessment (CSA).  This foundational skills assessment allows for quick and effective identification of basic skills deficits. The CSA is a component of the ACE, and the CSA results are directly linked to the curriculum bank, saving time by eliminating the need to develop curriculum to address the assessment results. 

  • Short duration assessment, minimize time spent on assessment while maintaining quality results
  • All assessment materials needed to run the CSA are included in the free assessment kit
  • Combination of assessment and curriculum allows BCBAs to build a solid skill foundation for all learners

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Preference Assessment

The extensive Preference Assessment module is another great feature built into the ACE. Identifying potential reinforcers is an often overlooked step in the educational process. The ACE Preference Assessment module provides all the data sheets and instructions to expedite and simplify these procedures.

  • The only online educational system with a preference assessment module
  • 12 research-supported assessments
  • Instructions and data sheets

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Data and Reporting

One of the unique features of applied behavior analysis is the reliance on data based decision making.  However collecting data, designing and generating visual data displays can be a time consuming process. The ACE automatically produces clear, user friendly, customizable reports, saving time while meeting the need for accountability.

  • Access reports to view individual student progress on each ACE lesson
  • Quickly identify when students are struggling and make changes to the lesson
  • See daily progress and share with parents, colleagues, and supervisors
  • Access reports to identify areas of strength and weakness within a group of students

More than 20 exclusive reports, including:

  • Incidental teaching graph
  • Task analysis graph
  • Discrete trial graph

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"The ACE is without question the most comprehensive and functional assessment, curriculum and instructional program for the field of autism today. It encompasses the full range of relevant and important skills typically applicable to children (and adults) with autism. Further, the validity of the program is matched by its ease of use. I have seen many sophisticated and elegant computer applications that are simply beyond the span of most consumers. In contrast, the ACE is extremely interactive and easy to navigate, and thus promises widespread applicability."
Judith Favell, Ph.D., BCBA-D CEO, AdvoServ, President, Behavior Analyst Certification Board

"The ACE is based on the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis which is the gold standard for the education and treatment of individuals with autism. I have found the ACE to be an effective tool for teaching critical skills to students and adults with autism. Some of the most impressive features of the ACE are how it permits teachers and therapists to design individualized curricula that produce significant learning gains and track the individual's progress. The ACE is evidence-based and reflects years of peer reviewed research and sound educational practices. It permits the identification of entry points of instruction and the achievement of goals and objectives across the student's lifetime. The ACE is very useful in the evaluation of group and classroom-wide performance. Any organization looking to significantly increase the quality of its educational services should give strong consideration to adding the ACE to its programming."
Richard M. Foxx, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Professor of Psychology, Penn State Harrisburg
"The ACE offers high-quality curricula, standardized to preserve state-of-the-art teaching procedures, but flexible enough to be customized for each individual child with autism."
Laura Hutt, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCBA