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Over 1300 lesson plans across a wide variety of areas.

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The ACE is the most comprehensive online educational system.  In addition to the most customizable curriculum bank in the industry, the ACE supports entry into the curriculum through our foundational skills assessment.  The features of the ACE enable ABA professionals to ensure effective treatment allowing you to provide expertise to more learners, saving time and increasing revenue. 

Sophisticated Customizable Curriculum Bank

  • Quickly searchable curriculum database
  • More than 1300 unique lesson plans
  • Ability to add your curriculum to the ACE curriculum bank

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Assessment Linked to Curriculum Bank

  • Short duration assessment, minimize time spent on assessment while maintaining quality results
  • All assessment materials need to run the CSA are included in the free assessment kit
  • Combination of assessment and curriculum allows BCBAs to build a solid skill foundation for all learners

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Automated Graphing and Reporting System

  • Incidental teaching graph
  • Task analysis graph
  • Discrete trial graph

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"Curriculum on the ACE is standardized, which allows me to pick the curriculum needed for a student and make only a few simple modifications to adjust it according to my students' individual needs...Now that we have access to the ACE, I don't have to recreate the wheel."
Ellyn Ellis, M.S., BCBA

"Having standardized curriculum has made it easier for me to ensure that the best clinical programming is in place for our individuals in a timely manner. In addition, having standardized teaching procedures, enables us to quickly teach the teachers how to run the programs and continue to maintain high standards of accuracy. But, what is most helpful about the ACE is the ability to personalize each program to meet the individual needs of the client."
Stacy Edinburg M.S, BCBA