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The Applied Behavior Analysis Solution

This comprehensive online educational system allows districts to increase and expand their capacity to serve students with intensive academic needs.  Based on nearly 40 years of curriculum development, research and implementation, the ACE includes assessment tools, customizable lesson plans, and data-based reporting systems. Your administrators, BCBAs and special education teachers can now use our autism education system in your district. Over 1000 learners are currently benefitting from all the ACE has to offer. The ACE is an effective system for both large and small school districts. The ACE is a true solution to the many challenges school districts face. 

Challenge: In Order to Keep Our Students in District, We Need a Proven, Easy to Use, ABA Curriculum

Solution: A Sophisticated Customizable Curriculum Bank

Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Over 1300 lesson plans across a wide variety of areas!

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School districts need a user friendly curriculum based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. The ACE curriculum bank will help public school staff save time by eliminating the need to recreate lesson plans. Each piece of ACE curriculum goes through a rigorous review process resulting in a lesson plan that requires no additional modification prior to use with learners. This increased efficiency will allow teachers and paraprofessionals to focus on their students.  

  • Curriculum linked to Federal Core Standards
  • More than 1300 unique lesson plans
  • Detailed teaching procedure video demonstrations

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Challenge: Accountability is Essential in Today's Schools. We Need a Solution that Ensures and Documents Learner Progress

Solution: ACE Data and Reporting Systems

The ACE contains many easy to use tools to monitor student progress while creating a permanent record of all learner curriculum and progress data.  One of the unique features of applied behavior analysis is the reliance on data-based decision making. However, collecting data, designing and generating visual data displays can be a time consuming process. The ACE automatically produces clear, user friendly, customizable reports, saving time while meeting the need for accountability.

  • Access reports to view individual student progress on each ACE lesson
  • Quickly identify when students are struggling and make changes to the lesson
  • See daily progress and share with parents, colleagues, and supervisors
  • Access reports to identify areas of strength and weakness within a group of students

More than 20 automatically generated reports, including:

  • Incidental teaching graph
  • Task analysis graph
  • Discrete trial graph

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Challenge: Time and Resources are Stretched Thin in All Schools; We Need an Assessment that is Less Time Consuming, and Links to a Curriculum Bank

Solution: The Core Skills Assessment

The ACE includes an acclaimed assessment, the Core Skills Assessment (CSA). This foundational skills assessment allows for quick and effective identification of basic skills deficits. As the CSA is a component of the ACE, the CSA results are directly linked to the curriculum bank, saving time by eliminating the need to develop curriculum to address the assessment results. 

  • Short duration assessment, minimize time spent on assessment while maintaining quality results
  • All assessment materials needed to run the CSA are included in the free assessment kit
  • Combination of assessment and curriculum builds a solid skill foundation for all learners
  • Effective for multiple levels of learners including learners who cannot otherwise be easily assessed with standardized tools
  • Several reporting features for planning, parents and other stakeholders

Additional ACE Benefits

  1. With more students with autism being served in district the need for a comprehensive educational system has never been greater. The ACE is the most comprehensive educational system for students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  2. Needs for training and consultation vary from district to district. We will customize a training and consultation package to ensure effective ACE implementation, including:
    • Support in completing the Core Skills Assessment (CSA) 
    • Identifying and customizing curriculum
    • Managing challenging behavior
    • Maximizing ACE systems
    • Educational data review and program modification
    • All consultants are board certified and direct employees of the renowned The New England Center for Children (NECC)


"The Core Skills Assessment allows me to easily identify entry points into the curriculum for each student."
- Public School Teacher

"As a supervisor, I really like how the lessons were laid out so that I can review and help the teacher troubleshoot if problems arise. Often in my classrooms, the teachers are working on skills, but I do not know how they are teaching them because there is no written plan. Having the written lesson allows me to see the direction the teacher is headed with the student and identify the potential problems that may ariseā€¦I like that this program involves the paraprofessionals and makes them more active in the classroom."
School Principal

"...we now rely on the data record for each child as part of the educational decision-making process. Student success within the curriculum is measured systematically providing us the ability to make informed decisions about individual and collective student programs. Consequently, our educators are able to make decisions for student programs that include academics, developmental and daily living skills. Moreover, the ACE curriculum and supports provided by New England Center for Children have clearly resulted in substantial increase in student skills in all areas of education. In summary, I strongly recommend you consider utilizing the New England Center for Children and the ACE curriculum to provide a high quality program and support to your students."
Director of Student Services, Cooperative Public School

"I would absolutely recommend the ACE to my colleagues. I think it is a great tool for systematically building skills across settings. "
Public School Teacher
"It has been a pleasure working with our ACE consultant and using the ACE curriculum. The lessons and strategies we've implemented have given the children access to learning and led to increased learning momentum. I look forward to continued progress with the core skills, as well as implementing class-wide lessons for general routines."
Public School Teacher

"The website is very organized and allowed my job to be more efficient by having a guide and diverse lessons for the wide range of skills needed for children with Autism...The data taken throughout the school year confirmed improvement for each and every child. Color graphs with data were printed from the ACE website and given to parents each marking period. This allowed for families to see what their child has been working on, their rate of success and if they reached mastery in that particular skill. Overall, the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia is an amazing program that has changed the lives of many people in just one short year. I highly recommend this program for students with Autism and am extremely excited to continue with this program in the future.
Special Education Teacher

"The data system is very useful in giving an overview of the rate of progress and frequency of mastery. "
Public School Teacher