History & Mission

Over 40 Years of Excellence in Autism Education

Our mission is to provide you with the very best Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) software and curriculum to maximize the effectiveness of your programs for learners with autism.

The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE®) was developed by expert staff at The New England Center for Children (NECC). NECC is a private, nonprofit autism research and education center dedicated to transforming the lives of children with autism worldwide through education, research, and technology.

Science is consistent in showing that early, intensive instruction using the methods of Applied Behavior Analysis helps children with autism learn and reach their maximum potential. For that reason, NECC has developed a wealth of curricula grounded in the principles of behavior analysis and compiled it in a web-based toolkit, the ACE®. In use with all of our students, the ACE® is extremely effective in teaching critical skills to a wide range of individuals with autism.

Developed by Ph.Ds, BCBAs and special educators at The New England Center for Children...

The ACE® includes assessment tools, more than 1300 customizable lesson plans, and data-based reporting systems that ensures each child is reaching high levels of independence.

  • May 1st
    ACE Skills Assessment - Beyond the Core Skills

    The ACE Skills Assessment is an indirect evaluation of all skills within the ACE curriculum scope and sequence. It helps narrow the range of teaching targets for each student based on their abilities (beyond the core skills) and tracks performance over time.

  • November 9th
    Mobile Data Entry App released!

    Taking trial-by-trial data is as easy as pushing a button!

  • September 17th
    Challenging Behavior Module Added!

    The Challenging Behavior Module helps you monitor challenging behaviors targeted for decrease.

  • June 13th
    The ACE is on Facebook!

    Connect and like us on Facebook!

  • February 1st
    NEW ACE Capabilities: Preference Assessment Module

    Preference Assessment Module includes a selection guide for users to determine what type of preference assessment to consider. Users are able to download all necessary instructions and data sheets for conducting the assessments.

  • November 11th
    Children of Promise Award

    The ACE Department is presented with NECC’s Children of Promise Award.

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