ACE ABA Software System

The ACE® ABA Software System is the premier educational software system for learners with autism. Our educational software package provides BCBAs and Special Educators in public schools, private schools and consulting groups the ability to assess, teach and evaluate progress using evidence based procedures. ACE® was developed and is used on a daily basis by The New England Center for Children, a world renowned non-profit school and research center for autism education.

ACE® is based on 40 years of

education, curriculum development, and research at The New England Center for Children.

NECC is always on the cutting edge of the latest research, much of which is done on-site at the John and Diane Kim Autism Institute, a facility designed and built to further our research and professional development programs. Our team has written more than 250 peer reviewed journal articles and presented research at more than 2000 conferences. View NECC Research Publications Our commitment to effective research is a cornerstone in the development of the ACE ABA software system.

  • Customizable Curriculum

    Teach directly from our tablet based app with more than 2000 of the most sophisticated, customizable ABA-based lesson plans developed by the BCBAs and special educators at NECC. Our lesson plans are designed to teach a broad array of skills for learners as young as 3 and as old as 22. Teach basic and advanced skills from all of our skill domain areas, including – communication, social skills, academics, self-help, health and safety, recreation and physical education, community, transition to adulthood, vocational, discrimination

  • App Based – Data Entry, Teaching and Reporting

    Data Entry, Teaching and Reporting – With ACE® you can direct enter data for skill acquisition and challenging behavior targets while teaching in our app-based interface. Revolutionize your teaching by viewing teaching procedures and collecting data directly through our tablet-based web app. Data can be entered while on or offline. Not only will this save time, it will allow teachers and BCBAs to spend more time focused on instruction and less on organizing paper-based binders. Review current progress with our built in progress toward objective report dashboards. Paper based lessons and data sheets also available.

  • Connected Assessments

    Use our two research based assessments to quickly identify skill deficits and take the additional time saving step of recommending ACE® lesson plans to teach those skills. The Core Skills Assessment or CSA is a direct assessment of 52 foundational skills or important basic life skills. The skills assessment is an indirect assessment that covers the entire scope and sequence of skills in the ACE lesson plan bank. The connection to our lesson plan bank is a uniquely effective and efficient aspect of our assessments which can only be found in the ACE®.

  • Complete Clinical/Educational Software System

    ACE® ABA Software System has everything you need to effectively run an ABA classroom or program. We provide the tools your behavior analyst, teachers and direct care staff need to maximize leaner progress. Effectiveness and efficiency through technology are the goals of the ACE software system.


40 Years of Excellence in Autism Education and Research

ACE® is being implemented with every student at The New England Center for Children (NECC). NECC serves thousands of student worldwide between the ages of 18 months and 22 years old. Each of our students are unique. The ACE® assessments and customizable lesson plans allow us to address the individual needs of all of our students. We have more than 1100 staff, including 180+ Board Certified Behavior Analysts, 250 master’s level special educators,  and 20 PhD-level clinicians. Over the years, our team has presented at more than 2,000 national and international conferences and published more than 250 research studies in peer-reviewed academic journals. It is the expertise and experience of this amazing team that makes the ACE® the remarkable educational software system it is.


students benefiting from the ACE ABA software

Transforming the Lives of Children with Autism

Our goal is to help our clients create the very best ABA program for their learners with autism spectrum disorders. With more than 40 years serving learners with ASD we share your commitment to educational excellence and your desire to provide a program that maximizes learner progress.