How can the ACE system help you?

The ACE® system provides tools for administrators, behavior analysts, teachers, and direct care staff in a variety of settings.

  • Public School ABA Programs

  • Private ABA Programs

  • Insurance-Billed ABA Providers

  • Universities

Built for autism educators
by the leader in the field.

We looked a couple of systems…we were drawn to the ACE system because of its comprehensive nature.

BCBA-D, Executive Director, Private School

With other programs there are a lot of basic skills but this (the ACE program) broadened the horizon especially in the area of vocational…and self-care skills

BCBA, Public School

It’s all there, its all-encompassing…evidence based practice for students and children with autism

BCBA, Private School

Knowing that it came from The New England Center for Children, we knew the curriculum was a good curriculum

BCBA-D, Executive Director, Private School

The ACE has helped with efficiency…it saves a lot of time

BCBA, Public School

Its extremely easy to use…you can customize the curriculum to best fit your learners needs

BCBA, Private School

Public School ABA Programs

  • Lessons are linked to Federal Common Core ELA and Mathematics Standards
  • Consistent language and teaching procedures facilitates systematic instruction across teachers and classroom
  • Alerts and teaching suggestions based on student performance help teachers and paraprofessionals track student progress

Private ABA Programs

  • Lessons are linked to VB-MAPP
  • If you already have your own lessons but would like to use the ACE system for data collection and reporting, then our Lesson Writer role offers an advanced feature allowing you to add lessons to your account’s library

Insurance-Billed ABA Providers

  • Session Log helps keep track of sessions conducted with learners. Logs are used for insurance pre-authorization and billing
  • Data-based reports can be exported and submitted to insurance companies


  • Didactic purposes for teaching future BCBAs
  • Teach clinicians how to identify skill deficits and strengths and select targets for treatment
  • Teach clinicians how to analyze data and make programmatic changes